Welcome to the Children and Young People's Protection and Development NGO

The Children and Young People's Protection and Development (CYPPD) NGO is a non governmental organization working in Mongolia to support and protect vulnerable children. CYPPD supports children who are homeless, being abused or at risk of abuse, children at risk of trafficking and other exploitative activities such as child labor.

CYPPDs goal is to protect the rights of vulnerable children and to support the education, training and development of the children.

Since 2002 CYPPD has been highlighting and advocating for the marginalized children of Mongolia. CYPPD works through raising awareness about child rights, running training and other educational activities and supporting the children to access their basic needs such as education, play and health services. 

Thank you for taking an interest in our work.

Before 2008 CYPPD was formerly called the Equal Step Centre (ESC). The name was changed when the capacity for the organisation to help more vulnerable children grew. At this time we felt we needed a name that explained more clearly what our organisation is about.